Ruined Books

Each year, our family spends a week camping in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Two weeks ago we were at the Elkmont group campsite, 15-20 miles from the Cades Cove group campsite, the site we occupied last year.
This morning news reports out of that part of the world are informing us that a severe and sudden storm hit the area last night with wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. The Cades Cove site was hit hard with many trees toppled, campers stranded, injuries, and two fatalities. It is surreal to read about, and terribly sad for the families of those who died. We are grateful to not have had to brave such a thing.

I was reading about this in the online edition of a small local paper which brings the touches that only a local paper can add. In camping at Cades Cove and at Elkmont, the IGA in Townsend, TN was our source for supplies when needed. The Maryville (TN) Daily Times reported this incidental detail:

The Mary E. Tippitt Memorial Library was having a book sale in the IGA parking lot. The winds blew the tent over and injured Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tippitt who had to be treated at the hospital. The books were also soaked and ruined.

I realized as I read this that I was okay with Mr. and Mrs. Tippitt being injured. I was sad for the lost books.

Time for a priority check.

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